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Silverline Fertilisers is a leading supplier of naturally occurring Phosphatic Fertilisers, Nitrogenous Fertilisers, water-soluble Fertilisers as well as a host of other Agro-Nutrients in South India.
Incorporated in 2014 and headquartered at Chennai, we commenced operations by boldly importing and reintroducing the application of agricultural-grade Rock Phosphate as a fertiliser for the South Indian market.
Our distribution network now constitutes over 900+ dealers including several large farms, plantations and estates spread over Tamilnadu and Kerala.


Emerge as a truly unique player in the Fertiliser industry by consistently fulfilling our twin objective of truly improving the livelihoods of farmers as well as substantially reducing the subsidy burden of the Government of India by specialising in the supply of non-subsidised fertilisers.


Transform into the go-to company on the global stage for agri-solutions by becoming a dominant force in the market engaged in the sourcing, manufacture and distribution of the most preferred fertilisers at any point of time.

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The Silverline Advantage


Sourcing Prowess

Armed with a Top Management experience spanning 34 years in the Fertiliser industry, we source our products directly from mines or manufacturers and have established tie-ups with several large trading houses by proving ourselves to be their trusted partners.

Product Superiority

Our flagship product Rock Phosphate is a “naturally occurring mother fertiliser” which we distribute in its natural form by administering NO chemical process, thereby preserving the health of the soil.The nutrient content (18% P2O5) delivered to the crop is assured to the farmer which makes it even superior to organic fertilisers.

Farmer Engagement

Our highly proficient team of agronomists and agriculturists possess deep expertise with regard to the science surrounding the application of our fertilisers and this has endeared us to our customers. We pride ourselves in constantly keeping in touch with the pulse of our farmers.

Taking Root Globally with Alliances All Over The World

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Our Products

We annually market and distribute more than 20,000 metric tonnes of fertilisers and agro-nutrients through a strong 900+ dealer network in South India alone, apart from corporate and overseas clients.



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    வெண்டையில் அதிக மகசூல் மற்றும் லாபம் எடுக்க SILVERLINE ROCK PHOSPHATE பயன்படுத்துவீர்.

    Okra Farmeron Silver Phos as high-performing alternate fertiliser

    Silverline’s advocacy of the sustainable farming model has prompted me to phase out the application of chemical fertilisers from my farm butstill turn a higher yield at cheaper costs.

    Coconut Farmer on using Silver Phos (Rock Phosphate)

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    After using Rock Phosphate, earthworms have returned to the soil which could not live previously when I was applying chemical alternates to my crop. Better water percolation and more space for root formation have increased my crop yield significantly.

    Banana Farmer on benefits of Silver Phos (Rock Phosphate)

    My sugarcane crop has yielded a higher tonnageafter applying Silver Phos which has helped me earn more than I did previously. Moreover, the sucrose content of the sugarcane has also increased. I now enjoy a double benefit of higher quantity as well as better quality!

    Sugarcane Farmer on benefits of Silver Phos (Rock Phosphate)

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    ……லாபம். (Most of my crops have a growth cycle of only 90-120 days. By applying CMS, I was able to turn a higher profit due to increased yields even in this short span of time.

    Groundnut Farmer on benefits of Silver Wonder (CMS)

    சமேரக்காய் (chow-chow)……. Silver Wonderசிறந்தது.

    Chow-Chow Farmer after applying Silver Wonder (CMS)


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19, 2nd Floor, Jupiter Complex, Jupiter Complex, Dr Ranga Road, Mylapore, Chennai, TN - 600004

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